Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” ~ Robin Williams

That party started on the bluebird trail a week ago with 4 of the 33 nestboxes getting some of those wonderful bluebirds building nests.  However, the creation of those nests have stopped (at least in one of the 4 boxes per a check yesterday) due to the spring party being postponed a tad.  We’re getting sleet, snow, and ice.  Heavy flakes floating here and there and sticking.  Indeed, it’s is very pretty.  The bluebirds and other nesters are saying, “we need to go back to roosting mode.  I’m not raising my kids in this cold weather!” 

…. and so we humans will wait until they are ready.   What the birds decide is A-OK with me!  


Spring is natur…


Bluebirds not only accept the help of humans, they absolutely need it.
~ Steve Grooms and Dick Peterson, Bluebirds, 1991

Month of September 2012: Floyd and Patrick-VA

Hello Monitors!  I am shouting out to all the wonderful people I work with in monitoring the birds that it is time to send in your nestbox data to me, please; while the information is still fresh and your trail data is close by on your desk and in your trail notebooks. As you know, as County Coordinator, I collect all data for compilation for the various organizations, specifically for the Virginia Bluebird Society, that keep the records permanently by County on Eastern Bluebirds and the other cavity-nesting birds using our manmade nestboxes. Thank you for all you do to help our local bluebirds! I’m very proud of all of you.  Email me directly if you need my snail-mail address to send your two summary pages.

This is the time I’m really amazed at our birds and how they fight for survival and keep their fledglings fed and safe until they are on their own. It certainly shows how our accurate records help us, as caretakers, and the ornithologists in Virginia and beyond, gather and summarize trends on the health and status of our breeding birds.

~ Christine