Can you imagine being a parent bird feeding their young, especially as 5 or 6 of these nestlings just keep growing and feedings take place from dawn to dusk every day up to fledging day, with each parent feeding averaging five times per hour by each (give or take ten feedings total per hour)?  I know it’s not easy being a bird, but being a bird PARENT is even more challenging–such hard workers they are–and then waiting for the “diaper removal” (called fecal sacs) and trying not to attract too much attention to the nest box as they feed their offspring, which helps thwart potential predators.   This video was sent to me from one of Virginia Bluebird Society’s dedicated volunteers.  What a fun compilation of the number of visits these bluebirds take to one nest box for one brood.    I hope you enjoy it.   I’m sure as dusk rolls in, the parents enjoy some sleep until the dawn breaks again!    Location:  Fairfax County, Virginia

Great job on the video creation!   The explanation with the video is as follows:

“It is essentially a time-lapse of our front yard bluebirds, showing the final 1-1/2 days of them feeding the 6 nestlings, and capturing two fledge flights.  It was accomplished by taking automatic photos every 10 seconds, plus a few hand-held at key moments.  After editing out a few “dead spells” in the collected span of many hours, each frame is shown here in 1/10 second increments. The highlights are slowed down and zoomed, with captions.  This all took place at our house on Monday and Tuesday, June 6 & 7, 2016. ”