We’ve had three years in a row, including this season 2021, of later nestings started by the birds due to colder temperatures and rains. This seems to be a trend. Usually the first week of March has at least one bluebird nest started here in the Blue Ridge Highlands. I will be back out on the trail, probably tomorrow. Even the non-native invasive House Sparrow delayed nesting, which is surprising. The photos here will show nest and eggs from the Carolina Chickadee, Eastern Bluebird, and the invasive (and not protected) House Sparrow nest (nest and bird was removed). Tree Swallows are here. I will find out tomorrow if any nests have started and any eggs laid. House Wrens are looking now. It is my hope they will behave and not cause any havoc to any other nesting native birds on the trail.

Here we go Season 2021. Better late then never.

Carolina Chickadee Nest and Eggs – April 16, 2021
Eastern Bluebird Nest and SIX Eggs! – April 16, 2021
Invasive Species House Sparrow nest. Nest removed.