Greetings to all followers of this page, the Woolwine House Bluebird Trail’s main website!  Update for Season 2020:  I have 29 boxes active as of this writing, March 2020.  Nesting thus far are Eastern Bluebirds Carolina Chickadees, and Tree Swallows.  No House Wrens have appeared as of yet.  In this COVID-19 Coronavirus situation, I am fortunate that I can continue monitoring my 50-nestbox trail here in the Blue Ridge Highlands of Southwest Virginia.  This effort works great solo.  I have moved and reinstalled equipment, adding new equipment, and re-strategizing nesting successes for 2020.  This includes active House Sparrow control on this trail.  Property owners hosting my trail boxes are kept informed on the happenings.  I am thankful to them for making this trail possible.

REMINDER of how I am posting trail activities again this year, 2020.  This website is not an ongoing “blog” of the trail activities weekly going forward.   Moreover, this is an educational website that has been active for years.   Most info and advice shared here remains current in bluebird nestbox management.  It started when the trail was launched officially in 2008 when the first 14 nestboxes were built in the workshop and  installed in February.  Therefore, weekly activities on the trail are easier to manage by posting on the Woolwine House Bluebird Trail Facebook page.  Whether you use Facebook or not, the page is PUBLIC and you should be able to find access to the posts there on the Internet and ask questions you may have on each post.  If you are having trouble, please use this website via the CONTACT page too get in touch with me privately.  In the meantime, so that I do not miss any of your questions on this page, I plan to disable comments on the blog posts and encourage you to contact me through the CONTACT page for faster replies.  This will allow me to answer you in a timely manner.  You are always welcome to LIKE the Facebook page so that you get my trail activity posts to your Facebook NEWS FEED, and messages can be publicly posted which can be seen to help other new bluebirders or sent privately to me through the FB Message feature.  I appreciate your understanding so that I can continue to communicate in the most efficient manner as possible, while still finding the time to maintain the nestboxes in the field.  More than likely, I’ll be able to reply within a 24-hour period–probably sooner.

The Facebook page is very active of all bluebird trail action weekly from March through the close of the nesting season, usually by end of August.   Last year, I had my first ever FOURTH brood at Nestbox 20, and the last fledging of the season took place in mid-September!  Statewide Virginia per the Virginia Bluebird Society’s collected nesting data, it was the last fledging of the Season 2019.  We had an early emergence of the 17-Year periodical cidadas, Brood IX (9), which means insect food sources were plentiful for feeding nestlings.  Cicadas are a favorite bluebird food, you probably know.  Perhaps continuing climate change had something to do with the early emergence.  This means the actual anticipated year of Brood IX (9) is THIS YEAR, 2020!  I wonder now in March if I will get additional fourth broods fledging late this summer — or a repeat September fledgings.  We will see.  This hobby never gets boring, ever.  I plan to continue to stay healthy, knock on nestbox wood, and keep managing the trail during this Coronavirus “stay at home” health safety recommendations.  I will conduct “social distancing” as I do, including waving from a distance to the hosts of my trail nestboxes.  Kudos to them and thank you!

Please enjoy the trail and join the discussions there.  Find the trail Facebook page here:    https://www.facebook.com/WoolwineHouseBluebirdTrail

See you on the trail!   Your support through the years has been truly appreciated.  Keep on for the conservation effort for all bluebird species and all native cavity-nesting birds that use our manmade nesting boxes!  My best wishes to all.  Please stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19 health crisis.  This effort helps alleviate stress, gives me exercise and fresh air, and gets my mind off worry.  Woo-Hoo for Blue!