For those interested, here are first egg dates laid by Eastern Bluebirds in various counties in Virginia during the 2016 nesting season.  The counties are listed in order by date of first egg laid.   Not all counties are reported; these are just a few in various locations around Virginia.  These dates were collected by me from the Virginia Bluebird Society County Coordinators.  The reason why this is helpful to have from year to year is for comparisons relating to weather and climate changes and for variables relating to the total bird numbers nesting and locations of those active nests in the Commonwealth. This requires active monitoring to get accurate first dates.  This will be helpful to have next spring.  In my southern Virginia County, I have had a hatching already during the first week of March!

FIRST EGG DATES for Eastern Bluebirds (EABL) for  2016
Virginia County Date First Egg
Pittsylvania 3/13
Chesterfield 3/14
Mecklenburg 3/16
James City 3/16
Spotsylvania 3/17
Patrick 3/19
Fredericksburg City 3/19
Henrico 3/20
Gloucester 3/20
Westmoreland 3/21
Henry 3/22
Grayson 3/23
Nelson 3/23
Culpeper 3/23
Fairfax 3/27
Albemarle 3/27
Orange 3/27
Buchanan 3/29
Hanover 3/30
Floyd 3/30
Prince William 3/31
Pulaski 3/31
Shenandoah 4/5
Highland 4/6

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