BUY A SHIRT / SAVE A BLUEBIRD! – Fundraiser Campaign to Support Bluebirds – Deadline is April 11, 2016.

I’m getting the word out for my bluebirding friend and colleague, Alyce, a member of the Roanoke Valley Bird Club, a longtime birding fan and monitor of bluebird trails in Virginia.  If you love the Blues, you’re going to love this shirt!    I’m ordering a couple for myself and a couple as gifts.  Orders can be placed until April 11! …. the deadline to order for this campaign.  THANK YOU for your support!

T-shirt comes in Khaki color. Fabric is a poly-cotton blend, 50/50--are pre-shrunk and run to size.

Fabric is a poly-cotton blend, 50/50–pre-shrunk and run to size (unless otherwise noted).


A mere 50 years ago, the Eastern Bluebird suffered a steep decline in population, enough so that scientists feared for its survival.  This decline was due in part to severe weather, but also to human activities.  Habitat loss, removal of dead trees, the introduction of invasive species, pesticide use, cars, hunting, and collection of eggs all contributed to this decline.  Fortunately citizen scientists reversed the trend by introducing artificial housing in the form of nest boxes.  Now there is a large network of bluebird trails around the country, monitored weekly from spring through late summer.  The bluebird population has rebounded and stabilized.  With the purchase of this t-shirt (or two or three!), you can be a part of the effort to conserve bluebirds for many years to come.  Proceeds will be donated to organizations that help support Eastern Bluebird habitat.  Wouldn’t it be a great gift for all the bird lovers in your life?

Buying a shirt is easy.  Just go to and follow the steps to place an order.  Shirts are $18 each, or $20 for a ladies slim fit.  We need a minimum of 20 orders by the end of the campaign on April 11 for the shirts to be produced and sent out.  If you’re unable to order online, just contact Alyce Quinn at or 540-719-0109 and she can order one for you.

Show your support–order your shirt(s) today!

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