My trail is finally in active nestings!   There were days of warmth, then snow.  Then very cold nights and more roosting birds without nests.  These guys know what to do.  Nesting and laying eggs is not one of them when it’s too cold out!   I think winter is over now.  Nest cups are formed and the first eggs have been laid in one of my boxes on March 31 as the date of the first egg laid.  However, the House Wren beat that, but I don’t have a date of that laid clutch, unfortunately.  Surprisingly, I’ve not witnessed ANY species competition among the nestboxes…yet, that is.  I expect to see those soon.  Fastest House Wren I’ve ever seen!

Presently, my early trail stats are as follows for the 2014 nesting season:

Eastern Bluebird (EABL):m 14 partial or completed nests thus far.

Carolina Chickadee (CACH):   1 with no eggs laid yet.

House Wren (HOWR):  1 with 5 eggs

Tree Swallow (TRES): 1 –  It’s either a TRES or EABL.  Need to go back to confirm.


Here is a video.  Enjoy.   Woolwine House Bluebird Trail First Eggs for 2014 Season


Hoping you’re getting some great action now. Enjoy your nesting birds!


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