This website commenced while I was teleworking to my Northern Virginia position from my relatively new home in Southwest Virginia. My first official post on this website/blog was dated May 25, 2007! That was quite a while ago! The story of that first post consisted of me looking out my office window and seeing bluebirds and what a distraction it was that afternoon from getting any work done!

I thought it was time to change the look of this site. I hope you like it. I spent some hours looking at different designs. I wanted a crisp, clean feel, easy to read and follow, and easy for the readers to maneuver around it. I decided I didn’t want too much fancy and fluff because, really, it’s the birds I want to highlight, not my website design choice. I am particularly fond of being able to customize the backgrounds to the pages as well as the usual changes to the main header photo. It is also now “mobile friendly”. I’m going to have fun with the new feel. Do leave a note here on this post if you have any suggestions. And while you’re at it, let me know if there is something in particular you are thinking about bluebirds you would like to know more about and see discussed here. I’m here to assist the best I can. I love talking about the bluebirds, as you probably already figured out.

Before we know it, those males will be out and about checking out nestboxes!

3 comments on “A FRESH, NEW WEBSITE LOOK.

  1. I love the new look! Appreciate all your hard work. Three Bluebirds, two males and one female, come to the meal worm feeder nearly every morning. The males are so blue! They are having a hard time getting use to the new feeder as we normally put the meal worms in a dish for them. But the ‘bully’ of the yard, a Mockingbird started running them off. So we got an ‘enclosed feeder’ where he can’t get to the worms. The little wrens wasted no time in going inside but the Bluebirds still haven’t caught on. They will! 🙂
    Thanks for this wonderful website!


  2. I was here today, exploring your updated web site. I love the picture of the Bluebird you used above. I did a lot of hit and miss on the posts you did, but I took my time viewing every photo you included on this site. Wonderful and very enlightening. Now I can better understand just how much love and care you put into this yearly adventure. Great job!


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