March through end of May — this has been the busiest spring I’ve experienced in many years!  While I’m updating several pages on my site with new material (Trail Nesboxes, 2-Hole Mansion Test, and Trail Results) and more, please be sure to check into my public page for the trail on Facebook.  I’ve had great successes and a few failures already this season.  The Facebook page is very easy to update and maintain–be sure to check in (joining Facebook is not a requirement–lurk all you want there, if you desire, to see the happenings).  I like having it as a sidekick page to this main site for the purpose of quick updates and easy uploads of photos and posts when I cannot keep my main site updated as quickly.  Facebook users have an easier place to ask questions and get answers faster.   http://www.facebook.com/WoolwineHouseBluebirdTrail   I will post another note here (copy of post sent to subscribers via Email) once this site has been completed with the updates.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Hope you are having a wonderful early summer.  Here is a picture I took on my trail on May 12………a very close look ….. “DOWN THE HATCH, PLEASE!” ….. some very hungry chickadee hatchlings.

“Mom, grub….pass the grub! Mom, is that you?”

Thanks for your comment. Since I review and approve all public comments before publishing, give me a few days to respond to your comments and inquiries. Thank you.

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