Had some fun recently talking to 4-H Club teens on March 21, 2011, at their recent meeting held in the cafeteria of the local high school.   We had a demonstration with displays after the presentation.  Included was the North Carolina Bluebird Society’s DVD, INSIDE THE NESTBOX–a video created from a live cam inside a nestbox of the full bluebird nesting cycle–including nest building, egg laying, hatching, feeding, and fledging.  Many thanks to the NCBS for their wonderful video creation and humorous narration!  I’m happy to be a new member of the NCBS, as well.  It will be great to get to know new bluebird folks that live just south of me.

These kids of 4-H will be assisting Primland Resort’s new bluebird trail, learning more about bluebirds; i.e., the nesting cycle close up and how to monitor bluebird boxes in proper protocol and safety for the birds at Primland’s newly installed trail of 5 boxes, built in their own workshop using the VBS box plans and both predator guards recommended by VBS.  I will be assisting the training.  All training by the teens will be supervised by Primland’s Golf Superintendent.   We are hoping to do this after Primland has some new baby bluebirds in one of the nestboxes.  This is the fun part of training–hands on–the real thing–sharing the excitement of new life during this wonderful time of year!  Many thanks to the 4-H Club and Primland for helping our local Eastern Bluebird conservation efforts!

Hatching Photo by Bill Matthews

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