I want to thank photographer Dave Kinneer for letting me use one of my favorite pictures of a female Eastern Bluebird on the holly branch.  All of the header photos featured here are taken by Mr. Kinneer.   We can all wish the birds will easily find fruits this winter until the insects are back out in full force this coming spring!   Last winter was a harsh one.  Maybe this winter won’t be like the last.

Though my site quiets down a bit until next March, I am keeping busy networking in my two Counties for the bluebirds…educating, being available for questions, and seeing what I can do for outreach on the blues!  I am enjoying watching all the birds in my back yard enjoy the sunflower seeds I keep ready for them.    My plans this winter are to make a special bluebird suet which includes cut-up boiled raisins, dried cranberries, and other berries easily found at the store.  I will be freezing the suet blocks; as I pull one out, I will crumble it up in pieces for them to easily eat off a special feeder I plan to get specifically for bluebirds.   It has a cage around it in a platform-style open feeder to keep larger birds from getting all that yummy suet I’ll be making in that kitchen!  I am experimenting with different suet recipes.

Stay safe, warm, and happy travels if you are hitting the roads and airports during winter storms.

See you soon!


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