Everything went well for the Sunday, October 24, 2010, “Dessert and Coffee Series” presentation, which took place at 3 PM.

Here are a few photos from the presentation below.  There were many displays and handouts for the attendees.  A Q&A period followed after the PowerPoint slideshow.   There were many questions afterwards.  That, for me, is the most enjoyable–talking about bluebirds and what I’ve learned these past 5 years and how best we can help them succeed….as human landlords…to make sure the bluebirds fledge successfully and why we install nestboxes on poles and use predator guards.   I really enjoyed meeting everyone.  I have the Virginia Bluebird Society, the North American Bluebird Society, and all of the bluebird experts I’ve learned from to thank that have helped me understand more what bluebirding is all about and the joys we get from monitoring the boxes so that we can get statistics of how they are doing and see how the bluebirds have “come back” in numbers in the past decade, thanks to installing nestboxes.   Other than for educating others on this, to see the birds closeup is the biggest thrill of all, especially when I can share that excitement and pass it on!

This was such a nice room for the group. Coffee, tea, bottled waters, and desserts were served. This was the beginning of the PowerPoint slide show. We are discussing the three different species of bluebirds in North America and the ranges they can be found. In Virginia, we have only the Eastern Bluebird. We are too far East for the Mountain Bluebird.

Display Tables and three easels with prepared posterboard displays.

There are a variety of good books and pamphlets available to help new bluebirders get started out right.

Lots of interesting free materials (handouts), mostly from the Virginia Bluebird Society and the North American Bluebird Society. VBS is an affiliate club to NABS. Included were handouts about what type of shrubs and trees bear fruits for the birds to eat in the winter as well as info about mealworms and VBS nestbox building plans, VBS recommended predator guard plans, and VBS recommended installation instructions (on a 1" conduit).

Many thanks goes to the Reynolds Homestead staff for assisting me in a successful presentation. Since this was an afternoon show, we had to close the blinds in the rooms to see the projected PowerPoint slideshow. The end of the show had a surprise 3-minute musical ending to a series of gorgeous professional photos of young bluebirds fledging and being raised outside the nestbox in the trees by their adoring bluebird parents!

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