The last of the bluebirds on my trail fledged on August 26, 2010, at my most successful bluebird nestbox–4 eggs laid in the nest–only three hatched.   All three babies did well but fledged on Day 18…they really took their time, which is good, as they should fledge when they are ready and not forced to do so earlier (unless they feel threatened by a predator).  There were three broods at this box this year.  I also had a few other boxes that had a third brood.   There has only been one year in my 5 years of bluebirding of having more than two broods, and it was only at one box location during those 5 years.  The bluebirds love the habitat at this location. This fledging is one month later this year than last year.  Wow!  What a bluebird season this has been!   Stay tuned to some summary notes to be added here to update and finish my site for 2010′s bluebird season.

I’m now officially feeling empty nest syndrome.  I go through this every year. It’s a good time to reflect on how the birds did in comparison to years prior and to gather and summarize my statistics for the Virginia Bluebird Society and then to the North American Bluebird Society.   I hope this website has been beneficial and enjoyable to you in some way this season.   Thanks for all the inquiries and support, folks!  Again, many thanks to my neighbor, Carl, for his help on my trail this year in movement of some of the boxes and repairs needed before the season started.


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