I have one set of nestlings left…in my two-hole test box.   I believe the breeding season may be coming to a close now.   It is my belief that the birds know this excessive heat we’ve been having (and insects!) is not good for raising their young.  This means the time of having “bluebird withdrawal” begins.  I go through this every year.   Once the hummingbirds end migration in late summer, it’s double the withdrawal for me.

I always take notes what changes each year on my trail–what worked…what didn’t…what was a wonderful surprise….what disappointed me.   Year after year, there is always something new that happens.   I feel honored to be a part of nature in this way and making my contributions to help the Eastern Bluebird in the area where I live.

Once all boxes are cleaned and it’s been established the breeding season of 2010 is closed, I know the bluebirds here will flock with the migrators from the north and will stick together until next spring again when the males start establishing new territories and mates.   The anticipation of spring is particularly satisfying for me as I await the first males to look at my boxes and for the first male ruby-throated hummingbird to arrive again!  My hope is we have no major snow and ice storms for our resident bluebirds that will take their food sources from them (fruits and winter berries).

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