We have hatchlings on the WHBBT!   On my trail check dated April 27, new nestlings have emerged.   I checked again on April 28, and more hatchlings have come into the world.  I am waiting for 4 more locations to hatch bluebirds.  Here is a photo I took from one of my boxes on April 28.  I had to use a mirror for this picture since my boxes do not open at the top.  Note:  I only have bluebirds nesting in these boxes — no Carolina Chickadees yet.   The Two-Hole Test Site still has House Sparrows attempting to nest there.  So far at 16 locations, 3 have hatched bluebirds.  I am still waiting for 4 more to hatch any day!

UPDATE:  APRIL 29th:  I am still waiting for two boxes to hatch.

Photo taken April 28 using a large mirror. One must be quick and careful photographing nestlings so as not to stress out the parents too much. After a few trail checks, the bluebirds come to trust careful monitors more.

Below are the larger pictures I posted below of two boxes that had incubating females that would not leave their nests on my box checks on Thursday, April 22.  

She is telling me, "I'm not leaving my eggs!" She graciously allowed me to take this picture, a bit awkwardly, I admit, but I managed to get this as best as I could.

This lady is not leaving her eggs -- no fear at all. I took this photo to show how the pine needles are used for the inital nest. Before the eggs are laid, it's amazing to see hwo perfect the deep cup is made in the center before the eggs are laid.


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