NOTE:  This website’s header photos (used with permission) credit with my thanks go to photographer:    Mr. Dave Kinneer

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This box, along my trail, is a REDESIGN (alteration) of a hanging wren house. It was built and hung; instead of wrens using it, bluebirds moved in. The house was then changed by removing the perch and resizing the hole to 1.5 inches. This box consistently does well every year at least two broods. It is hung on a front porch in perfect bluebird habitat. A plum tree and a high wire are not far from the porch. Because it is hung like this, no ground predator guard is needed. There have been no avian predators at this box. This box is monitored by watching activities, including nest building, incubation, and fledgings. It cannot be monitored weekly as the box has to be taken down and opened with a screwdriver. After each fledging, however, the box is cleaned up and hung up again. It was reported to me this box had winter-roosting bluebirds, as well! Cavity size is 6.5x 6.5 inches. This box has been approved by the VBS to me to include what stats I can on the WHBBT. In this circumstance, my philosophy is if the bluebirds like it and are safe and successful…bring it on! I would like to hang one of these but make it a standard rectangular style box but hung from our front porch. A Black Rat Snake, if inclined, could still get to this box, but I’ve been told so far in three years, that has not happened to this box.  Carl, who helped me build my nestboxes for the WHBBT built and altered this wren house.  Good job, Carl!  …. And many thanks to Carl for sharing this on my site! 

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